SAT may be defined as scholastic Assessment Test .SAT I is undertaken as Realizing Test while SAT II undertakes exams for individual subjects. This SAT is undertaken for high school students for college admission. In 1899, at Columbia University, College Board created SAT comprising of 3 secondary schools and 12 universities. SAT syllabus is designed to assess natural talent, aptitude of students. If candidates plan for sitting SAT for coming year, then they have to be familiar with content of syllabus. The Test is divided in some parts like Reading, writing and language, Math, Math with Calculator, Essay. Time allotted for total Test is 4 hours 7 minutes.

Joining of SAT classes

To qualify in SAT, candidates have to get prepared by private tutoring method. The students can join the following classes in some institutes like Jamboree India:

  • SAT online classes
  • SAT classroom training
  • SAT tutoring
  • SAT subjects
  • SAT testimonials

Some rules are followed for assessment of SAT papers. Essay is scored separately. There is no penalty, if the answers are incorrect. So, some guessing may have chances to secure 20% of marks.SAT registration fee and exam fee are very low and it is affordable. Some candidates may get waiver of registration fees and test fees.

Break up of SAT syllabus

The syllabus may be divided in following parts:

  • Reading Test – it comprises of reading and comprehensive test
  • Writing and language test- it is observed that whether punctuation and grammar are correct. Writing skill of the candidates is also examined.
  • Math Test
  • Essay writing

SAT syllabus is writing based skill assessment mainly. The two major subjects like English and Math skills are assessed by way of exams. Essay is another main topic of SAT and 3 hours are given for this essay. The skill for creative writing is assessed by this method. In India, no books are referred for SAT and only emails are offered by mode of tutoring. All the guidelines for SAT are provided in emails. The skills in the core areas like critical reading and writing and Math are assessed. Students of class XI and class XII are eligible for appearing in SAT. If the candidates are qualified, then certification can be submitted to college authorities as supporting paper for admission in desired colleges.


SAT is designed to assess in two categories like general and subject Test. SAT is based on assessing talent hunt for under graduate college admissions. The individual tests are scored separately and then are added up to provide total score. But, there are some hidden parameters to offer the scores like to offer scores for answering difficult questions. SAT is offered in both ways like computerized and paper based. Reading Test involves reading of passage and answering 5 questions. The aim of this test is to assess the capabilities of understanding the language and to assemble the answers in correct form. SAT syllabus   contains Writing g section consisting of 4 passages each containing 11 questions.

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