how to improve gut health

Gut health is simply the balance of microorganisms which live in the digestive tract. The health of the gut is very important as it directly influences mental and physical health. It also boosts immunity.

“Gut Flora” also referred to as “gut microbiome” is a collection of trillions of yeasts, bacteria and viruses. Gut microbes are essential for human health, some of them can be beneficial and some harmful if they start multiplying. 

There many ways to if you’re looking for the answer to how to improve gut health. E.g. eating fermented foods and fibre, decreasing sugar intake, exercising etc. Recently desert farms camel milk has been gaining a lot of traction as it starts making its place in the worldwide market. 

Given below are six ways through which you can boost your gut health: 


  • Eat less sugar and sweeteners 

A lot of sugar intake can result in gut dysbiosis, which causes the imbalance of gut microbes. In a study, it was found that western people have high levels of sugar intake which affects their gut microbiome which further influences brain and behaviour. A study on animals found out that some of the sweeteners are a result of metabolic diseases. Metabolic diseases further increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Artificial sweeteners affect and spike blood glucose levels as for their effects on gut flora, sweeteners may increase your sugar levels. 


  • Maintain stress levels

Stress is key to many aspects of health, one of them is gut. It has been found that stress affects the microorganisms in the intestines even if the stress goes away quickly. It can be psychological stress, environmental stress, sleep deprivation, disruption of the cardiac rhythm. Some of the stress managing activities are deep breathing exercises and progressive muscle relaxation. 


  • Avoid taking antibiotics

Overuse of antibiotics has serious implications on gut health. It can lead to antibiotic resistance. So much so, that some research suggests that even after six months of taking antibiotics, several species of bacteria still didn’t regrow. Therefore, you should try discussing antibiotics alternatives with the doctor. 


  • Exercise and get enough sleep

In a study, it was found that the athletes had a good number of healthy bacteria in their gut, but this could also be the direct result of their healthy diet. Keep in mind that gut flora also helps to prevent obesity. 

Quality sleep is much needed to improve mood, cognition and gut health. Irregular sleep may cause negative effects on the gut flora, which has a direct effect on the increase of inflammatory conditions. You should keep your sleeping pattern regular and try to get at least 7 hours of sleep per day. 


  • Drink camel milk

Camel milk gut health benefits have started to appear now with prominent research backing it. Across the globe and in India, desert farms camel milk has been renowned as a superfood with its growing popularity. As fermentation of undigested lactose increases the concentration of Bifidobacteria, a bacterium healthy for the gut. With other health benefits of nutrition, low fat, easily digestible and with higher tolerance for lactose intolerant people, camel milk gut health benefits soar. Also Follow My Blog- Learn & Publish


  • Eat a vegetarian diet

It is greatly suggested by studies that there is a significant difference in the gut microbiomes of vegetarians as compared to non-vegetarians. A vegetarian may have better gut health due to the high levels of prebiotic fibre that the diet contains. In a small study, people gave up animal products (meat, dairy and eggs) for a month. The participants lost weight and had lowered inflammation due to the altered types of gut microbes. 

Final Words

Gut health is important and needs to be taken care of. Supplements and foods which promote healthy gut flora should be taken. You can replace your normal milk with low-fat camel milk. This answer to how to improve gut health is not one but many healthy practices, you should give up smoking, eat more fibre and adopt a more vegan diet. You can take optimum 500 ml camel milk in a day for better health. Maintaining a sleep cycle will ultimately help and you should take proper care for that. 

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